After one too many appearances in those damn nasty coleslaws, it doesn’t surprise us that Cabbage isn’t usually the first in the shopping basket.

However, this guy does need some serious shinning on him! A member of the prestigious cruciferous family, cabbage is a powerhouse filled to the brim with polyphenols, a phytonutrient that plays an important role in prevention of diseases related to oxidative stress, such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Sulforphane is also found in the humble cabbage, an antioxidant that stimulates natural detoxifying enzymes!

Our Purple Powerhouse Slaw with finely shredded red cabbage tossed throughout.

If this doesn’t make you think twice about picking up that bright bundle of goodness, the Red Cabbage is sure to at least boost your Vitamin C intake, with half a cup equating to 109% of your RDI!

Featured in this weeks salad box, Purple Cabbage mixed with bold asian flavours such as sesame and kaffir lime.

So maybe this guy isn’t as bad as the coleslaw makes it out to be. We always make it shine, by finely cutting it up and tossing through salads that contain vegetables and fruits that have a big impact of flavours. In this weeks salad delivery, we mix red cabbage with our favourite Asian flavours such as sesame and lime!


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