Why spend hours upon hours, months upon months creating the most amazingly gorgeous wedding only to find that you are unable to source a caterer that matches your vision… Or perhaps you are planning a birthday party, engagement party or simply just a party celebrating life and no matter where you look, you’re stumped as to where you can get stunning food that not only looks delectable but is also a treat to the tastebuds…

This is where we come in, the team of Madame Lu’s Kitchen, an innovative and bespoke caterer, food stylist and cooking school, operating from a beautiful villa opposite Haulashore Island.

Madame Lu’s Kitchen are firm believers in providing good quality, seasonal and locally sourced catering that is styled in coordination with your event. We are true lovers of parties and we want you to take away an abundance of fabulous memories from your event, and food just so happens to be a part of this.

Why are we unique? Because Madame Lu’s doesn’t follow the rules. We get enjoyment out of doing things differently and we think you will love it too.

Our catering isn’t run of the mill, we take our inspiration from cuisines stemming from all corners of the globe. This ensures that the food we provide for you is anything but the norm, giving your guests a variety of delights whilst they enjoy your fabulous hospitality.

Not only do we aim to transport taste buds but we also love to style all of the food that leaves Madame Lu’s Kitchen. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are able to execute the catering aspect of their event in such a way that it beautifully ties in with everything else. We aren’t melamine lovers either, instead we have an obsession for rustic plates, pottery bowls and every other quirky item we feel can be used to showcase our catering at your event.

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We look forward to creating and building a unique event that suits your vision, with some laughter along the way.

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